Product Range:
Isolators (Disconnectors) of Voltage rating 12KV to 245KV & Current rating up to 3000 Amps. Manufacturing & Supply of Support Structures for Isolators are also undertaken as per client requirements.


  1. Rotating type Isolators (Disconnectors):
    a.  Centre Break
    b.  Double Break

The double break Isolator (Disconnectors) is provided with high pressure releasing arrangement. Earthing Swithes are also provided as per client requirement. Line / Distribution Transformer Sectionalisers /Horn Gap Fuses /Drop out Fuses for rural electrifications of 12KV & 36KV are also manufactured.

  1. Operating Mechanism: The Isolator are provided with following Operating mechanisms:
    (a) Motorised / Pneumatics operated
    (b) Manual operation; through reduction gear boxes.
    (c) Manually operated through levers.

  2. Auxiliary Switch:
    Auxiliary switches with requisite number of NO & NC contacts are provided.

  3. Safety Interlocking:
    Requisite mechanical and / or electrical interlocking is provided.

  4. Insulators:
    Insulators manufactured by reputed Insulators manufactures are also supplied as per client requirements.